Gordon Small's Family & Genealogy

Herman Small holding Carol

Herman Small holding Jonathan Rose

Carol Small

Terry Conlan & Carol Smal

Herman with Carol & Richard Small

Marion & Herman Small

Herman & Marion Small

Terri Smithson & Richard Small

Robert, Richard & Gordon Small
Shirley, Christina, Carol, Gail & Mary
Tom Rose

Robert & Mary Small
Gordon, Rick & Carol Small

Richard, Gordon & Carol Small

Carol & Richard Small

Herman & Gordon, Gail & Marion Small

Marion Small

Carol Small & Pamela Conlan
Richard Small & Terri Smithson

Carol Small McCartney & Rosie

Scott McCartney

Richard Small

Michael Small

Samuel Small

Jessica Small & Damian Cincotta

Holly & Cristina Small

Louise & Howard Deex

Gordon Small
Boot Camp - August, 1964

Jose & Cristina Andrade
with Gabriela & Damion

Damion & Gabriela Andrade

Tracey & Holly Small

Tracey & Lane Small

Cristina Small

Holly & Cristina Small

Summer, Paul, Jonathan, Gordon, Robert, Bonnie, Richard,
Nikki, Jillian, Mary, Christina, Carol & Scott

Jonathan & Paul Rose
Jillian Macknight, Nikki & Summer Rose

Robert & Bonnie Small

Lane Small

Cristina, Tracey & Holly Small

Marianne, James & Annette Fitzpatrick

Damion & Cristina Andrade

Jillian Macknight

Robin Macknight

Summer & Paul Rose
Jonathan Rose & Jillian Macknight

Robert, Gordon, Richard,
Carol & Mary Small

Robert, Richard & Gordon Small

arol & Gordon Small

Scott & Carol McCartney

Cristina Small

Cristina Small

Gordon & Lark Small
Gordon's retirement party
just before moving to Kentucky

Gordon Small - (Back Row Center)
Petty Officer Leadership School
21 Oct 1966

Gordon Small

Herman & Lucille Small

Marion & Herman Small
On their way to a "hippie" party circa 1970

Holly & Gail Small

Holly Small

Karen Sammons, Gordon Small & Amy Sammons

Holly, Trace & Cristy Small

Tracey Small

Cristina & Holly Small

Cristina, Damion & Jose Andrade

Gordon & Gail's House in Garland, Texas

Nikki Rose

Paul Rose

Sydney Rose

Jacob Rose

Gordon Small (second row, third from the left)
Eighth Grade Graduation
Sacred Heart Catholic School in Tucson, Arizona

Tracey Small (Standing behind sign on left)
Gordon Small (Coach on the right)

Herman & Marion Small

Robert & Mary
Gordon, Richard & Carol Small

Cristina, Tracey & Holly Small

Small Get Together

Tucson (Taken after Lucille Deex's Funeral)

Herman & Lucille Small - Leaving on a cruise
This was the last known picture ever taken of Herman
Picture Taken by Richard Small